• Lettie Andreyev

How pain can impact upon your breastfeeding experience

If you are consistently experiencing pain, perhaps you have a tear, underwent an episiotomy or had a c-section, this can prevent you from getting your feeding journey off to an easy start 

Pain and stress can impact upon the physiology of milk production but as well as this mother’s are less able to find a comfortable position to feed, shuffling around, unable to find something that works for them. 

Meanwhile finding an effective latch becomes more tricky and baby gets hungrier, mum can get more fraught and upset (as does your baby) and it can sometimes lead to a bit of a snowball effect from there on. Yikes.

Try to take regular pain relief 

Might sound obvious but try to breastfeed lying on your side, taking pressure off your perineum, supporting yourself with pillows in-between your knees and behind you so that you are as comfortable as possible

Try to feed in a reclined position if you struggle with lying on your side, again use cushions to support you and baby and take the pressure off your perineum 

Speak to your midwife about any concerns you may have regarding pain/ stitches/ bleeding and get them to examine you if you are worried

Try a warm bath with a few drops of lavender and eucalyptus oil swirled in with a cup of milk to emulsify the oils and soothe soreness

Try soaking maternity pads in chamomile tea and freezing them for when you need might need some cooling relief

Lastly, try to embrace the fourth trimester philosophy, in those early days of postpartum life, try to limit your visitors and take pressure off yourself within the home. Your priority is to rest and meet your new baby, establishing feeding is a learning curve which takes work. Having a tidy house can wait!


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