As a first time mum during lockdown and far away from the usual support of family and friends, I was struggling with figuring out how to optimise feeding my new baby.

I had soldiered on for the first 4 weeks with a combination of tips from friends, online blogs and a bit of guess work.  However, I just didn't know what bits I was doing well, what could be done better and what I didn't know.  When my nipples started hurting throughout the day and I developed a fever, I decided that it was time to get professional help.

I am so thrilled to have been recommended to Lettie.  She was able to fit me in super promptly and had a wonderful manner about her.

I got to ask all my anxious questions and she addressed every one; letting me know what I was doing right, what I can do differently to address my concerns and feel better and even went on to discuss other matters that I was concerned about but did not voice myself.

She is an experienced mum and healthcare professional so is able to provide a holistic and professional response to queries that also draws on her own experience. 

I wholeheartedly recommend her and wish I would have sought some guidance before. Within 6 hours of calling her, my baby is more comfortable, feeding better and my boobs are less sore.


I'd seen Midwives, Health Visitors and a Consultant and was still struggling before I reached out to Lettie. From the moment she arrived and started helping me in her kind and very understanding manner, my stress levels dropped. I thought with baby number three I wouldn't have any issues with feeding but every baby is different and, thanks to Lettie's expert knowledge and gentle support, my baby was off top-up bottles and gaining weight within 24 hours. Every mother should have 1 hr with Lettie!


My son is nearly 5 months and I am so happy I reached out to Lettie for support.  When I first spoke to Lettie I was struggling to latch my baby, dreading every feed, and about to give up.  Thanks to her help and guidance feeding became much easier, and now feels like the most natural thing in the world. Lettie has a depth of knowledge and an arsenal of tips, but most of all her warm and friendly approach means her help feels like a warm blanket just when you need it most.


Thank you for all your help Lettie, its been a Godsend..!


Lettie has been such an amazing support for me and my son in recent weeks. Having a baby during an international pandemic meant getting to any support classes impossible leaving me feeling very isolated and unsure about if I was doing things “right” with a tongue tied baby. Lettie offering online consultations was a life saver. She gave me the most amazing guidance and support that was easy to understand and implement. Her help made me feel so much more confident in my abilities as a new mum and very positive about our future breastfeeding ongoing. I cannot thank and recommend her enough.


After the birth of my first child and really struggling to breastfeed, Lettie was there to provide fantastic guidance which ultimately led to being able to breastfeed my son and persevering with it. She is extremely supportive, knowledgeable and always there to offer advice or a listening ear in a non judgemental way. 
Any mother with a newborn who seeks Lettie’s help will not regret it- especially in these challenging times.


After having had feeding issues with my first son, I was anxious about how breastfeeding would go with our second baby. I was grateful to receive the additional support I requested from midwives antenatally and at the hospital, but even then was struggling with tongue tie issues once we got home. Lettie’s clear advice was just what I needed to get through the early days until we were able to get the tongue tie sorted. The contradictory advice out there can be so overwhelming, and Lettie was able to prioritise some key tips that gave me the confidence to carry on, whilst caring for myself as well as my baby. Five weeks on and I am delighted to be exclusively breastfeeding! The extra support was especially important during this pandemic. I have already recommended Lettie to friends!



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